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Hi I’m Mark a professional drone pilot and commercial photographer based in Devon & Cornwall.

My love for photography began when my family moved to Cornwall from Yorkshire in the 1970’s. as a teenager at the time I was fascinated by the constantly changing light and the dramatic rugged scenery of the Cornish coastline. It was a complete transformation from a the hustle and bustle of a busy Yorkshire town centre. 

It wasn’t long before I purchased my first camera a ‘Pentax’ ME Super and that was it I was hooked! 


My passion grew and grew and so did my appetite for a better camera. I took the plunge and opted for a ‘Canon’ 5D mkII with L glass lenses. 

I still use the ‘Canon’5D mkII occasionally but my go to camera now is the ‘Canon’ 1DX mkIII.

Since then my passion turned into a commercial venture first being a freelance photo journalist covering large events in ‘Plymouth’ and surrounding areas. After several years of photo journalism I felt I needed a different challenge. 

Mark Squire Aerial Photography
Mark Squire Aerial Photography

As I was always taking landscape and seascape images and being asked for copies of my prints I decided to put all my energy into this side of my passion. 

In 2012 I opened my gallery in ‘Polperro’ ‘Cornwall’ selling two sizes of prints, now 11 years later this has expanded into a range of, fine art prints, canvas prints, calendars, greeting & Christmas cards, fridge magnets, post cards and jigsaws, with over 500 images to choose from. 

Over the last few years I have been researching drone photography. At first I loved the format but was unconvinced about the quality of the images, yes they looked great on a device screen but not so brilliant once printed. 

As technology has progressed I believe the image quality is far superior than ever and now ideal for print work. 

In February 2022 I obtained my Civil Aviation Authority Operators and Flyers ID, quickly followed by my first drone a sub 250gm ‘Autel Nano’. I was blown away by the image quality this drone produced.  

As my experience grew and I loved flying the drone, it was a fantastic experience I decided to further my achievements further by doing the Civil Aviation Authority’s A2 CofC course. 

In February 2023 I obtained my Civil Aviation Authority’s A2 CofC certificate (certificate of competence) followed by a larger drone. 

I hope you enjoy viewing my images and my services may be beneficial. If you require any further information please contact me. 

Best Wishes 


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